Registration is now open!

The registration period has begun. This means that between now and February 15, 2017, you may submit an application to the Explore program either by:

• Clicking on the “Sign up / Sign in” link at the top of this page;
• Clicking on “Click here to apply!” under the Apply tab; or
• Clicking on “Click here to apply!” button on the right-hand side of this page.
    o If you are a Quebec resident, click here to be redirected to the Quebec application portal.

Click here to read the eight easy steps to applying!

You can choose up to three institutions you would prefer to attend. You can also indicate whether you’re willing to go to other provinces if your top three choices are not available; if so, you could receive a bursary to another institution that is not one of your top three choices. 

For example, if you choose three Quebec institutions that offer credits (because that is important to you), but indicate that you are also willing to go elsewhere in Quebec, you might get a bursary for a Quebec institution that doesn’t offer credits.

Once you receive a bursary, you have the option to accept or decline it. However, you cannot exchange it for another session or institution, defer it to another year, or transfer it to a friend. And except in very exceptional circumstances, you cannot decline a bursary and then go back on the waiting list.

So, when deciding where you want to study, be sure that you can accept a bursary to any institution you’ve listed on your application. And be aware that you can change your choices right up until you receive a bursary, i.e., after you have submitted your application, after the deadline, and even after the pan-Canadian draw (as long as you are on the waiting list).

If you have any questions, you can always reach us using the contact form below or by calling 1-877-866-4242.

Best of luck!

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We would be happy to answer your questions about Explore. Tell us how to contact you and we’ll be in touch.