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Some of the participants’ favourite activities are centred around visits to museums and learning centres. For example, students at Université Saint-Boniface visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Those at the University of Saskatchewan take a tour of the Canadian Light Source facility, as well as the U. of S. Observatory and the Diefenbaker Canada Centre. Collège Boréal organizes an outing to Science North, while La Cité collégiale organizes trips to Parliament and the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as weekly visits to some of Canada’s top museums.

Past participants’ three favourite activities have been added to the Where to Explore page to highlight what makes each program special and unique. Check out that page before selecting your three preferred study locations in order to choose institutions that offer the activities best suited to your interests rather than choosing institutions based solely on their location.

Note: These activities can be optional or mandatory and may or may not be subject to fees.


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