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CREDITS - Do I get credits and whom should I talk to about them?

All Explore institutions issue an official certificate to program participants. However, obtaining a credit depends on whether the Explore institution is offering a credit and whether the educational institution that you will be attending in the following academic year will accept that credit. You can find out by contacting your home institution directly.

The credit is not automatically transferred to your home institution; you are responsible for all inquiries and arrangements regarding credit transfer. You should approach them before you start the Explore program, as most institutions do not approve retroactive credit transfers.

If your home institution agrees to accept a credit from the Explore program, it will then determine that credit’s equivalency (i.e., level and number of credits).

Even if the Explore institution does not offer a credit, you could still bring your Explore diploma, certificate, transcripts, or assessments to your home institution for its consideration.

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