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Other preference

Choose this option ONLY if you are willing to accept a bursary to ANY institution in the selected regions and for the selected sessions. Be aware that other institutions in the selected regions:

  • may have different start and end dates;
  • may not all offer credits;
  • may not all offer the program Languages at Work;
  • may offer different types of accommodations; and
  • may have higher travel costs.

Once you receive a bursary, you cannot change educational institution or session, except under extraordinary circumstances (e.g., severe illness, death of a relative, etc.). Please note that, as long as you have not yet been awarded a bursary, you can always change your preferences by accessing your profile and making the desired changes to your application details.

Being open to a wider range of institutions and sessions increases your chances of obtaining a bursary. However, you must ensure that you will be able to accept the bursary that is offered to you.

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