The bursary and costs

The bursary

The Explore program provides a bursary worth $2,200 (taxable income) that covers the major expenses for participating in the program. The bursary pays for tuition, food, accommodation, and most of your activities. It is paid directly to the host institution, and the bursary recipient will receive a tax receipt for it.

The costs

Bursary recipients will still need to cover some of their costs. Aside from personal spending money (for snacks or souvenirs, etc.) there are two major costs that the participant has to cover: registration fees and travel expenses.

Each bursary recipient will have to pay the institution that is offering them the bursary a non-refundable registration fee. This is a confirmation fee, which must be paid to the school in order to reserve a place in the program. You will pay your registration fees only when you confirm your participation in the program.

The host institution may also charge other program-related fees as necessary, such as asking for a refundable deposit if you are staying in residence. In addition, there will be optional activities at most locations that will involve a participation fee; however, all institutions offer free activities too.


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