What is Explore?

Explore is an intensive French-immersion program that is offered during the spring or summer for people with any skill level in French. Explore participants are awarded a place and funding that covers tuition fees for the course, instructional materials, meals, and accommodation. You will discover another region of Canada while learning French in classes adapted to your language level. Through classroom instruction, workshops, sociocultural activities, and field trips, you will not only improve your language skills, but discover the culture of a new region as well, all while exploring, meeting new people from across the country, and exchanging ideas in a stimulating environment perfect for learning the French language. Experience something new and discover your country and your strengths through Explore!

Why should you explore?

Knowing more than one language opens up whole new worlds to you, and in Canada, this is especially true of French, where it is one of our country’s two official languages! Approximately 22 per cent of people in Canada speak French as a first language, and approximately 3 million Canadians speak French as a second language, making it a fantastic way to connect with your fellow Canadians. Globally, French is spoken on five continents and is either the or one of the official language(s) of over 33 countries. French is an official language of the United Nations, the International Red Cross, the Olympic Games, and the Government of Canada and is an asset no matter what field you decide to work in. Knowing a second language is essential — and French can help you get around almost anywhere in the world. So why not seize this opportunity to increase your chances of having the best possible future?


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