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Blake Woolley
Blake Woolley

My name is Blake Woolley and I am a promotion agent for the Explore and Odyssey programs for Nova Scotia and the Atlantic region. I participated in the Explore program through l’Université Sainte-Anne and the Centre Linguistique du Collège de Jonquière, and these experiences have helped me to pursue multiple opportunities that would not have been possible if I were not able to communicate in our country’s two official languages. Going into the Explore program for the... More →

Harold Rennie, French-language Services Coordinator, Nova Scotia Department of Education

It is with great pleasure that I am responding to CMEC’s request for testimonials from former Explore participants “who have benefitted from the program in terms of it helping them achieve their professional goals.” I have many happy memories of my two summers in what was then called the Summer Language Bursary Program, as a student in 1973 and an animator in 1974. But I will limit my remarks to its impact on my... More →

Olivier Plessis, lawyer

The Explore program is something that I believe all Canadians should participate in: francophones, anglophones, and allophones. As a student of the Explore program in Trois-Rivières and a monitor for the UBC Explore program, I gained many of the language and cultural skills that have allowed me to move from Vancouver (my hometown) to Montreal to study law. Today, I work for an international law firm and will soon be practising in Paris. I can... More →

Silvia Ursini - Explore Director

My Explore experience My name is Silvia Ursini. As far as I can remember, I have always loved the French language. As a little girl, I dreamed of one day being able to speak French fluently. I was born and raised in Toronto, a city were French is rarely spoken or heard, and although I had taken French classes all throughout grade school and high school, I never had the opportunity to practise French and, therefore... More →


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