Wesley Chow
British Columbia to Ontario

After hearing so much good feedback about the program from my sister, I decided to apply for this program to find out for myself; I ended up not getting any of my three choices but rather a school in Toronto - Glendon College.


At first, I was skeptical of being able to learn French in a city predominantly English such as Toronto, but I was proven wrong. The campus was great for learning your target language as many of the students and the professors there were bilingual. This helped for conversing randomly in French while playing sports, waiting in the line up for lunch, hanging out in the main field, and other places.

If there's one reason you have to go, it would probably be to get a taste of what dorm life is like if you haven't done so already. This aspect also helps you bond with the people that are in the program with you, which naturally leads to more conversations en Français as you're more comfortable with your peers.


When time comes to leave the program though, you will dearly miss it... I know I do.

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