Travis Fong
Nova Scotia to Quebec

The Explore program at Saint-Charles-Garnier that was offered to me was brought to my attention by my parents and I quickly assumed that it would simply be a five-week process that would improve my french language abilities. What I discovered was that not only would I improve both my accent and my grammar, I would also enjoy doing it in a completely foreign environment!

Now, onto the real reason you should go: the people you meet. For me, as a teen (17 at the time) this program gave me the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible people I will probably meet in my entire life. There were a few real standouts that I only took notice of in the last two weeks of the trip, one of them was a pianist/singer that quite literally made me fall into tears during her performance.

Don't think about applying for Explore if you get the chance, just do it!

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