Marie-Émeline Pierre Louis – Glendon College ESL
Marie-Émeline Pierre Louis – Glendon College ESL
Marie-Émeline Pierre Louis – Glendon College ESL

I had a very good experience. It’s very exiting to speak English every day in class, in the street and having fun with my friends from all over Canada. I am completely immerged.

I decided to participate in the Explore program to have the opportunity to improve my writing and speaking English. I have an English test in July, and I want to be successful. Explore gave me the chance to understand grammar and learn new words. I speak very fast, I can’t wait. When I speak, I make mistakes. Explore teaches me to speak slowly. I learned a lot about pronunciation. I read newspapers and listened to the radio every morning. English is an international language. If you want to be competitive in the job market, you have to know English.

I have lots of fun. We have option to choose our activities. I chose drama. We improvised a lot in English and this exercise was very hard. I participated in a seminar called «Local Exploration». With my group and my teacher, we walked a lot around the university, the campus is very big. We tried to visit places to have better historical information. I did a presentation of my tour in front of 15 persons. It was stressful, but I was successful. Then I was working on decorations and costumes for the final show. For now, I can’t tell you more details, I keep the secret. With those activities, I feel more and more confident speaking English.

I met a lot of people. I have a good story. I was visiting the «CN tower» and one girl was behind me. I asked her: «Could you take my picture?». We started to speak and I realized that she was an Explore participant in FSL. We decided to stay all day together, I was speaking English and she was answering in French. She was born in Pakistan and moved in Montreal. I shared my culture with her and I asked a lot of questions on her home country.

Explore has influenced my life. I am more mature and more independent. I took all occasions to speak my second language.

Explore is «diversity», «opportunity» and «Exploration».

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