Patrycja Jankowski
Ontario to Quebec

I had the best summer last year with the Explore program — I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn French. The program is really focused on the French language and the culture revolved around it. The teacher I had was very friendly and helpful, and the outings were fun and helped you practise your French. There was a lot of free time given, and I used this time to explore Montreal with friends that I had met in the program. Montreal is such a great city — there were so many events and the transit is very affordable.


Learning how to make my own food and living on my own for a short time was really fun, because I go to school close to home and never got the chance to do that before. I really want to do the program again and eventually would like to take part in the Odyssey program when I'm older and done with school.


So many unforgettable memories and friends made! Thank you, Explore!


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