Jamie Hudson
Alberta to Nova Scotia

Université Sainte-Anne is such a beautiful place to visit and learn French in. I wasn't sure what to expect, aside from seeing a few photos online, but this little place has more beauty than larger, more well-known cities. Residence is right beside the campus buildings where you do your classes. The gym, cafeteria and le chateau (the campus bar) are all right beside the residences as well. The beach is a two minute walk through le petit bois (the little forest) and there's a gazebo to watch the sunset from too. You get a little family in your residence, and each residence has weekly meetings and nightly hangouts. Your animateur/animatrice work very hard to ensure you are well prepared for success and fun. They aren't only there for their jobs, but to be your friends. My animatrice, Morgan, made my experience beyond what I ever could have imagined. This place has two days of English, then it is full immersion in French - they will watch you closely to make sure you do not break these rules, but as long as you're trying your best, a slip up here or there by accident usually will not get you an avertissement (a warning). Dancing with Monique and Morgan for my atelier (workshop) after classes or running cross-country with François was such a great time, and an excellent way to de-stress/stay active during my stay. Best of all, the cafeteria is buffet style food for every meal, and they're all delicious! Every Friday and Saturday night, there are theme nights, so make sure you bring costumes with you! I promise you, this will not be a trip you will ever forget!

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