Brooklyn Sylvester
Alberta to New Brunswick

After being encouraged by my high school French teacher to take part in the Explore program, I decided to make use of this opportunity and go to Moncton, New Brunswick, for the month of July. Those five weeks ended up being some of the most memorable weeks of my life! Going into it I was nervous because I did not know anybody and only had a few French classes under my belt. After the first week I had made friends who came from across Canada and started getting used to being immersed in the beautiful French language. My teacher made everything fun and I looked forward to going to class each day. By the end of the first few weeks, I found my ability to understand French had improved noticeably because everything I was hearing, doing, or speaking was in French. The activities that were planned allowed me to explore a province I had never visited and experience the Acadian culture first-hand. Each weekend entailed concerts in downtown Moncton, festivals, beach days, or just enjoying the scenery of New Brunswick, and I loved it all! My appreciation for French grew immensely and I honestly will never forget my experience with Explore. It allowed me to branch out of my comfort zone, grow in my ability to understand and speak French, and make the greatest friends that I will have forever. I would encourage any of you who are thinking about going to just GO. You definitely will not regret it. Like me, it will probably become one of the best experiences of your life. So, thank you Explore for giving me this!

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