Laura Sawchuk
Alberta to Nova Scotia

L’Université Sainte-Anne à Pointe-de-L’Église, en Nouvelle Écosse était incroyable! I was hesitant at first about the strictness of the French-only rule. Are the animateurs really going to sneak up behind me and check my headphones for English music? The French-only rules were strict, but they worked! Everyone spoke French all the time, and we had so many opportunities to improve our knowledge of the language. It was five weeks of an amazing, nurturing French environment. There were so many activities to participate in that helped our vocabulary and friendships grow. The animateurs/animatrices were so full of energy, and their energy was contagious! I am positive that no one would regret the decision to go to Sainte-Anne’s. I hope to go back for spring 2012. Vive la Baronnie!

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