Jessica A
Ontario to British Columbia

Explore is literally the experience of a lifetime. All the testimonials that say "if you're even considering the program, do it" are 100% correct. Had I not gone to Explore, I would not have met 250 other students who wanted to have the same experience I did. I would not have travelled to a province that I otherwise would not have been able to go to. I would not have learned more french in 5 weeks than I ever learned in school.

Explore is very hard to explain. It's not only about school and taking classes, the monitors make sure that there are activities for all types of people, activities that will help you speak your second language "in the wild".

Living in residence with people who speak your second language fluently was the best tutoring I could have asked for.

There is no way to capture the fun you can have and the memories you will make while on the program.

If you have doubts, talk to anyone who has ever taken this program before and I can guarantee they will tell you positive stories and urge you to go.

You need to experience Explore! Just do it!


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