Where to Explore?

There are over 20 institutions across Canada that offer Explore! Discover their particular histories and communities. Each location has a different set of activities and workshops, as well as a unique community to welcome you to town.

Please note that each institution may have different start/end dates and age restrictions, and some offer credits and Languages at Work. Some locations even offer home-stays with local families as a way of immersing program participants even more deeply in the language. Canada has an amazing history and heritage to be explored — which adventure will you choose?

Some institutions may require you to arrive a day earlier and/or leave a day later than the listed program dates. Please confirm your exact arrival and departure dates with your assigned institution before making any travel arrangements.

If you are not eligible for the funding provided by the Explore program (or if you miss the program deadline) and still wish to participate, most institutions accept participants who can cover their own expenses. Please contact the institution directly for more information.

Please note that these are FSL (French-as-a-second-language) institutions only. Click here to see the ESL (English-as-a-second-language) institutions.


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Université de Saint-Boniface
Winnipeg (MB)

USB is located in the heart of Winnipeg’s francophone neighbourhood, and you’ll find it an open and friendly educational community. Our courses are taught using a communicative and experiential theme-based approach. The emphasis is on oral conversation, and there is a handbook for each level. You’ll complete two levels during the program. At the end of each level, you’ll make a final presentation to your class using the vocabulary and concepts learned in the course. 

The activities preferred by participants:

  • Day trip exploring Manitoba. A different destination every year
  • Visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  • Multimedia workshop where participants print their own 3-D projects

What makes this program special and unique:

  • The program uses the À Vous! collection to meet the needs of its language learners.
  • Classes participate in buts expérientiels presentations, allowing students to put their new skills on display

Mona Dupré-Ollinik
Web Site:
Tel.: 204-235-4400
Toll-free: 1-888-233-5112
Fax: 204-235-4489

Spring Session
Dates: May 21, 2019 — June 20, 2019
Admission criteria: 18+ years old
Accommodation: University Apartment
Non-refundable registration fee: $275
Accepts students with children: No


We would be happy to answer your questions about Explore. Tell us how to contact you and we’ll be in touch.